About Us


Founded in 2014, LetterPress Chocolate is the first bean to bar chocolate company in the city of Los Angeles. We source the best cacao in the world and carefully sort, roast, proof, crack, winnow, grind, age, temper, mould, and wrap every bar ourselves. Our dedication to the craft of chocolate making means that we work in small batches and work directly with farmers and co-ops around the world.


David Menkes (Owner and chocolate maker)


David worked in the visual effects industry in Hollywood for over 18 years. His passion for food and chocolate in particular culminated in a visit to a cocoa plantation in St. Lucia in 2011. In 2012, David and Corey started Little Brown Squares, a chocolate blog dedicated to bean to bar makers. After being sent to the Northwest Chocolate Festival on behalf of Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine, they quickly realized there were no makers in Los Angeles and decided to change that.

Corey Menkes (Co-Owner and CFO)


Corey has worked in finance for over 5 years and has a degree in Ecology. Those two fields were perfectly suited to the other half of LetterPress’ operations. Corey’s passion is researching bats around the world (and spent time in Costa Rica doing just that in Monteverde) and wild dogs of Africa. In addition to managing the finances of LetterPress Chocolate, Corey is also well-versed in every aspect of chocolate making.

Company History

In March of 2014, David bought a small bag of cacao beans and roasted them in his toaster oven, hand-peeled the beans, and hand-ground them using a mortar and pestle. The resulting chocolate was terrible, but David was determined to continue. Eventually, the couple would acquire small tabletop melangers which could grind the beans for days at a time. Eventually, their landlord asked them to move the operation out of their apartment, and they moved into a shared commercial kitchen in West LA. There, they grew their tiny operation to a small factory, producing roughly 1,000 bars per month. In 2017, they purchased the space and converted it into a full-fledged chocolate factory and retail space, serving cacao juice and ice cream. LetterPress Chocolate became Kosher certified by KosherLA in 2019.


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