avoidingRegret took our tour and wrote about it!

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Crafting Cacao Under the Influence of a Printing Press

Blogger Sandi who runs the avoidingRegret Blog took our tour and did a wonderful writeup on it! Check out the link below.

What happens when a Hollywood graphic designer who volunteers at the International Printing Museum gets interested in cacao?
You end up with Letterpress Chocolate, a small-batch, craft chocolate factory and storefront whose every bar is hand-wrapped…
…and custom-designed to feel handmade and olde-tyme.
And when you take the factory tour, you can taste any of the 70% dark chocolates from various cacao-growing regions around the world—ranging from Central and South America to Africa.
There’s even one 85% dark and a 36% white chocolate infused with matcha green tea, both made from cacao beans sourced from Ecuador.
But before you taste the finished chocolate bars, you’ve got to drink the juice of the cacao pod—the amniotic fluid that the beans are nestled in and that’s usually drained as a waste byproduct, but tastes like lychee.
After that is when you’re ready to enter the kitchen, behind the wall of letterpress type.