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See chocolate bars be made from scratch at LetterPress Chocolate’s new Los Angeles store

We’ve become accustomed to restaurants with open kitchens, coffee shops with on-site roasters, taquerias where you can see the tortillas being made — but how about a shop where you can watch your chocolate go from bean to bar? That’s the case at LetterPress Chocolate’s new retail shop in Beverlywood, where you can see the entire bean-to-bar process in the open 1,800-square-foot location.

Husband-and-wife team David and Corey Menkes founded their company in 2014, making micro-batches of single origin chocolate in their two-bedroom Cheviot Hills apartment. After their operation outgrew their home, they moved into a nearby shared commercial kitchen and eventually took over the space. That location, in what used to be a wedding cake shop on Robertson Boulevard, just opened as their first retail chocolate store. The couple are still the Los Angeles company’s only employees, making 4,000 bars a month from start to finish on the premises.

The cozy storefront is decorated with the company’s namesake, made from reclaimed woodblock type, and paneled with reclaimed pallet wood. You can buy bars of chocolate ($10-$18), wrapped by hand and decorated with wrappers that David designed using a 1920s-era South American air mail stamp as a prototype. David is a former graphics designer and both he and Corey are docents at the International Printing Museum in Carson. (That design background came in handy with the ancillary merchandise, which includes T-shirts, made and printed in L.A., and messenger bags made from the burlap sacks the cacao beans arrive in.)